Pressure Regulators for Acetylene with Inlet 20 bar (290 psi) and Outlet Adjustable to 1,5 bars (ca. 21 psi)

Single Stage Pressure Regulator for Acetylene compressed in cylinders up to 20 bars (290 psi) with outlet pressure range adjustable up to 1,5 bars (ca. 21 psi) acc. to DIN ISO 2503:

Technical Data:

Material Body: Brass
Material Diaphragm: EPDM
Working Temperature: -20 - +30 degrees Celsius
Leakage: 1x10 ^-6 mbar l/s He

Type: Single Stage Regulator
Inlet: Max. 20 bars (290 psi)
Outlet: Max. 1,5 bars (ca. 21 psi)

Shut Off Valve: Integrated
Safety Valve: Integrated

Gauges: Safety gauges according to DIN EN 562

Cylinder Connection: DIN 477, Part 1 #3
Outlet Connection flammable gases: G 3/8 LH male thread acc. to EN 560
Pressure Regulator Acetylene
Pressure regulator for acetylene cylinders with 26 bar max. pressure, adjustable to 1,5 bar, certified construction.

Must be used with a flashback arrestor at the outlet!
3. Outlet Connection:
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