Ball Valves Type T With Brazing Connection

Ball valves type T, with brazing fittings, brass nickel-plated, ungreased for oxygen and other industrial gases or compressed air, with pressure up to 40 bar.

Due to the safe handling and easy installation features of ball valves with brazing connection, they are the main choice for use as shut off valves in copper tube systems for oxygen and other compressed industrial gases. The valve type T as descibed below, consists of the valve, 2 connection adapters, 2 female brazing ends plus corresponding nuts. The threaded adapters are mounted into the valve only using the thread and a sealing area with an oxygen-proof o-ring.

The adaptors male thread ends are shaped 60 degrees conically, getting smaller  to the inside. After the integration into the copper tube (brazing!) the conically shaped brazing ends are connected to the corresponding sealing area at the adaptor/valve and tight-sealed through fastening the nuts.

The ball valve is tested acc. to DIN 32509 and can be used with following gases:

Oxygen, Nitrogen,  CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), Argon, Helium and other Inert Gases, Hydrogen, Synthetic Air, Compressed Air, Laughing Gas and other non-corrosive gases

Technical Data:

Type: 2 way ball valve
Inlet/Outlet: Brazing Connection 12 - 54 mm copper tube outside diameter

Material Body: Brass CW617N, nickel-plated
Material Ball: Brass CW617N, chromium-plated
Material Brazing Fittings: Brass CW617N, uncoated
Material Spindle: Brass CW617N
Material Handle: Aluminum, lacquered

Material Stem Seal: PTFE
Material Ball Seal: PTFE

Working Temperature: -20 - +60 °C
Leak Rate: 1x10 ^-4 mbar l/s

The ball valves can be delivered in the following dimensions:

Ball Valve Drawing
Ball Valve Data

ID2, L1 and L = mm; *weight is inclusive the brazing fittings.

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