Pressure Regulator Non-flammable Gas

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Pressure Regulator for Non-flammable Compressed Gases in Cylinders With max. Inlet Pressure of 200 bars, adjustable up to 6, 10, 20 and 30 bars, for the following gases:

Nitrogen,  CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), Argon, Helium and other noble gases, Synth. Air, Compressed Air, Laughing gas and other non-flammable neutral gases

Technical Data:

Construction Type: 1-stage
Material Body: Brass
Material Diaphragm: EPDM
Leak Rate: 1x10 ^-6 mbar l/s He
Width x Height x Depth (AxBxC): 170 x 210 x 50 mm

Inlet pressure: max. 200 bar
Working Pressure: regelbar 0 - 6 bar, 10 bar, 20 bar, 30 bar
Flow rate: max. ca. 75 Nm3/h (norm cubik meter/hour)

Shut off valve: integrated
Safety valve: integrated

Gauges: Safety gauges acc. to EN 562
 - High pressure gauge: 0-316 bar - red mark at 200 bar
 - Low pressure gauge: acc. to optional selection of gas type and pressure control range

Inlet connection: DIN 477, Part 1, acc. to gas type
Outlet standard for non flammable gases: G 1/4 RH male + hose nipple 6 mm ID
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